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You will find us in the village Skala Potamia. Swim by the beach “Chryssi Akti” (Golden Beach), one of the most beautiful of Thassos,in about 250 m. from our hotel. Go for a walk by the shops of popular art, taste the local traditional cuisine and enjoy your drink by the sea.

Skala Potamia, Thassos, Greece

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Things to do in Thassos

Archeological sites

It is here where ancient history meets the present. Take a journey through time by visiting the ancient sites of the island. Visit the Archaeological museum, which hosts the famous archaic "Krioforos Kouros" statue, as well as many other interesting findings. Don't miss the opportunity to attend a performance at the ancient theater of Thassos, a location of unique acoustics, with the capital of the island lying at your feet below.

Local cuisine and products

At Thassos, you will have the chance of tasting the well-known "throubes" olives, as well as the virgin olive oil, the "karydaki" (walnut confection), the honey and the wine, all products that are famous for being produced on the island from the very ancient times. Also, don't forget to order a portion of roasted baby goat of Thassos, a renowned dish of our homeland, at any traditional little tavern here.

Sea & Sun

With a coastline of approximately 100km, Thassos has countless beaches, both crowded and deserted, with sand or pebbles, satisfying even the most demanding visitor. Also, don't miss your chance to swim at Ghiola, a pool of unique natural beauty. Just a visit is not enough to discover them all!

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